High class certified recycle bins

Safe disposal of waste materials is the beneficial approach to living in a wonderful clean environment. It is the best way of taking good care of the surrounding environment and ensuring that the eco-system is well managed. It is easily achieved by placing wheelie bins on strategic places in order to ensure that people are able to drop papers and other waste products before it is emptied and used for other recyclable processes.

The litter bins are perfectly manufactured to ensure that there is a safe disposal of wastes in the best bins that meets the standards of a clean surrounding and are highly accepted in a world market. The size of these waste bins ranges from the smaller size to the large ones that can accommodate a lot of wastes products. The Pioneer plastics is a certified organization rated as ISO 9001:2008 organization and this indicates that it is qualified as a great company that uses the most excellent and perfect materials to develop the best dust bins.


Through a team of highly qualified technicians and professional, the recycle bins are designed with the best specifications. You can also give your orders on what you want designed so that it can met all your needs in the most simple and clear details. They are regarded as the best bins that are durable and long lasting and are able to withstand all changes of climate ranging from the hot sunny seasons to the cold summer seasons. They are sold at reasonable prices to help buyers save on the money they would have spent in buying other exorbitant priced products that do not meet the standards and are not even durable.

They are the modern reliable safe bins of taking good care of the environment and it is our hope that every human being will see the need of taking good care of the environment by using the best and highly standardized recycle bins.

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