Skip Hire Cape Town Have Teamed Up With The Recycle Community.

Finding a good disposal system can be a challenge. There are many skip hire services out there, that do not recycle. When looking for a good disposal company, make sure it recycles all the waste and rubble. We have become the number one skip hire company that makes sure that we recycle all the waste that is recyclable.

Recycling the waste or rubble should not be a complicated, because there are many companies like Skip Hire Cape Town out there ready help you in the best way possible. When choosing a skip hire company you should be careful to ensure that the company recycles your waste for you.

Below are some of the things you That will help you before hiring a skip. Most of this will help you avoid all the headaches that many people go through.

Choosing the Best Skip Size

This is the most important thing that you should know before going to hire a skip. This will help you know the size of the skip and the amount you should be paying.

Many people have hired a skip only to realize the waste is more than the size of the skip, forcing them to spend more on another trip. This can cost you more only if they had gone with a bigger skip the cost could have been a lot less.

Filling a skip

When filling the skip, make sure that the load is level with the top of the skip. As it is illegal for our drivers to carry skips that are overloaded, beyond the required level. There are also some people who are sometimes tempted to use boards around the sides in order to increase the capacity of the skip. You should not attempt to do this as it can be dangerous when we transport the skip to the recycle plant.

One way to ensure you maximize the space of the skip is by breaking down the larger pieces of waste or rubble into smaller pieces.

Where to position the skip on your property

Once you know the size of the skip you are going to need, you now have to figure out where the skip will be positioned. You can either place it off the road in your garden or driveway.

If you don’t have a place that you can position the skip, and you might need to place it on the road. You might have to seek the permission from the local authorities especially when you want to place it on the road.

Skip Hire Cape town is here to help you decide all of this. We will make sure that you will get the right size and we will get rid of the waste or rubble in the correct way making sure that it is recycled.