Stunning Spring Break in The Grampians

If you are looking to take a holiday in Australia, perhaps to escape the rigorous of the city and working life for a little while, why not consider a trip to The Grampians? This stunning National Park, located some 160 miles from Melbourne, is a place of many wonders, and with a variety of charming places to stay you could not feel further from the hustle and bustle of the city. The park features a series of quite spectacular ridges and peaks and is famed for the many examples of indigenous rock art, said to be among the best in the country.

Founder of Oh My Goodness – a popular and innovative online guide to healthy eating, well-being and things to do in and around Melbourne – Zara D’Cotta took a well earned break in The Grampians National Park, and writes about it on the site. She describes a place of unrivaled beauty, tranquility and interest, and one with a choice of friendly and comfortable places to go. Great hotels, fine meals in local restaurants and exciting adventures in the National Park all feature, and it is a fascinating tale of why you should visit this very impressive and inspiring place.

Intrinsic to Aboriginal culture the region has a mysterious if relaxing air to it, and is enhanced by the beauty of its landscape and the history of the local people. From the wonderful town of Dunkeld to the small settlement of Halls Gap there is plenty to experience here, and young and old alike will enjoy the chance to see somewhere very much different to home. Check out the write up in the always readable and informative Oh My Goodness, as well as information on what to do, where to eat and how to enjoy Melbourne to the full – it’s an essential guide to the city for visitors and residents.