Third Party Claims Experts at That Recycle Cars In A Accident

Being involved in a road accident can be traumatic, especially when there are injuries involved. With many thousands of cars on overcrowded roads it is somewhat inevitable that accidents happen, but what do you do if you are injured in such an accident that was not your fault? Whether you were a driver, a passenger or merely a pedestrian, if the accident was someone else’s fault you can make a claim for compensation, and Friedman & Associates, experts in Third Party claims based in Durban, can help you get what you deserve.

Many people who are injured decide not to claim as they believe that the process will be stressful and costly; by using the professionals, such as Friedman and Associates, you are not only removing the stress element, but you are also assured that, should your claim not be successful, you will not have to pay – thanks to the innovative No Win No Pay service they provide. This gives you the peace of mind that you will not be billed for services that did not help your cause.

With expert attorneys on hand to handle your claim and all aspects of the process – from the initial enquiries into whether you are eligible through medical negligence attorneys and information gathering stages and right up to the potential court case – you simply provide the information required and settle back while Friedman & Associates do the hard work. Furthermore, in many cases things will not reach court, as the raf in Durdan is in place to help in such situations, and they may be forthcoming with a sensible offer of compensation. To find out if your claim is one that could net you compensation, and if Friedman & Associates can help you, get in touch now, and get the wheels in motion.